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Empowering Parameter-Efficient Transfer Learning by Recognizing the Kernel

Structure in Attention

Y Chen*, D Hazarika*, M Namazifar, Y Liu, D Jin, D Hakkani-Tur, NAACL 2022 *Equal Contribution


Analyzing Modality Robustness in Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

D Hazarika*, Y Li*, B Cheng, S Zhao, R Zimmermann, S Poria, NAACL 2022 *Equal Contribution

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So Different Yet So Alike! Constrained Unsupervised Text Style Transfer (Oral)

AR Kashyap*, D Hazarika*, M-Y Kan, R Zimmermann, S Poria, ACL 2022 *Equal Contribution

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Attention Biasing and Context Augmentation for Zero-Shot Control of Encoder-Decoder Transformers for Natural Language Generation

D Hazarika, M Namazifar, and D Hakkani-Tur, AAAI 2022

[Paper] [Arxiv]

Domain Divergences: a Survey and Empirical Analysis

AR Kashyap, D Hazarika, Min-Yen Kan, and R Zimmermann, NAACL 2021


Methods for Numeracy-Preserving Word Embeddings

D Sundararaman, S Si, V Subramanian, G Wang, D Hazarika, L Carin, EMNLP 2020


Misa: Modality-Invariant and -Specific Representations for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

D Hazarika, R Zimmermann, S Poria, ACM MM 2020

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Kingdom: Knowledge-Guided Domain Adaptation for Sentiment Analysis

D Ghosal, D Hazarika, A Roy, N Majumder, R Mihalcea, S Poria, ACL 2020

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Towards Multimodal Sarcasm Detection (An Obviously Perfect Paper)

S Castro, D Hazarika, V PĂ©rez-Rosas, R Zimmermann, R Mihalcea, S Poria, ACL 2020

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Contextually Grounded Affective Analysis of Media

D Hazarika, Thesis '21

Recognizing Emotion Cause in Conversations

S Poria, N Majumder, D Hazarika, D Ghosal, R Bhardwaj, S Y B Jian, P Hong, R Ghosh, A Roy, N Chhaya, A Gelbukh, R Mihalcea, Cognitive Computation '21

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Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Current Challenges and New Directions in Sentiment Analysis Research

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Multimodal Research in Vision and Language: A Review of Current and Emerging Trends

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Conversational Transfer Learning for Emotion Recognition

D Hazarika, S Poria, R Zimmermann, R Mihalcea, Information Fusion '21

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Analyzing the Domain Robustness of Pretrained Language Models, Layer by Layer

AR Kashyap, L Mehnaz, B Malik, A Waheed, D Hazarika, M-Y Kan, and R Shah, Adapt-NLP, EACL 2021


Causal Augmentation for Causal Sentence Classification

FA Tan, D Hazarika, S K Ng, S Poria, R Zimmermann, CL+NLP 2021

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