Devamanyu Hazarika

Conversation Modeling Science Team

Amazon Alexa AI

Sunnyvale, California

[CV] [LinkedIN] [Twitter: @hdevamanyu] [Google Scholar] [Github]

I am an Applied Scientist at Amazon Alexa AI, working in the Conversation Modeling Science Team led by Dilek Hakkani-Tur. We research on Conversational AI and help improve social conversational skills of Alexa.

I received my Ph.D. degree from National University of Singpaore in 2021, advised by Dr. Roger Zimmermann, and mentored by Dr. Soujanya Poria and Dr. Rada Mihalcea.

I have served as an Area Chair (or equivalents) in ARR Feb '22, as PC in multiple conferences including ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, AAAI, etc., and have received awards that include Outstanding Reviewer for ACL '21, Outstanding Paper (IEEE CIM), President’s Graduate Fellowship (NUS), etc.

Research Interests

I work on topics related to open-domain convAI, which acts as a challenging testbed for progress in deep understanding and reliable generation of natural language text.

Parameter-Efficient NLP: [Naacl '22]
Controllable NLG & Style Transfer: [ACL '22] [AAAI '22]
Affective Dialog NLU: [ACL '19]


[05/2022] 2 papers (on adapters and multimodal robustness) accepted at NAACL 2022
[01/2022] 1 paper (on style transfer) accepted at ACL 2022
[01/2022] Joined Amazon Alexa AI to work on convAI
[02/2021] 1 paper accepted at NAACL 2021